Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Videography and Cinematography In Toronto – The Ultimate Guide

D + N Highlights Film

When it comes to planning for your wedding, hiring a Toronto Wedding Videographer should be one of the first top items on your vendor planning list.  Many of our past couples come back to us after their wedding day and tell us know that hiring a Toronto Wedding Videographer was by far the best investment for their wedding day compared to everything else, aside from bringing home the bride / groom of course.

Hiring a professional wedding videography should be done early and not left as an “afterthought”.  If left too late, you will find that you’ve lost access to a large majority of your options as much of the top Toronto wedding videographers have since booked up.  You may also end up becoming restricted to a lower budget as most of it as already been spent on other lesser essential items for your wedding.

Wedding Videography Process from Start to Finish

Finding Toronto Wedding Stories

If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve already taken the first step into finding the right wedding videographer in Toronto is by finding us up online.  This can either be through our wedding films you found on Instagram or YouTube, or by word of mouth.  From there, you contact us either through our website or social media and we can then schedule a quick phone meeting with you to discuss in detail about your big day and how we can produce an amazing film to capture the essence of your wedding story.

Initial Consultation

During the meeting, we will discuss a number of key items in detail, such as where your venue is so that we can begin to build a better visual and can picture how your day will unfold. This will also help us to determine how possible shots will look like and where in the venue they will take place. We will also be discussing the type of wedding ceremony you will have and if there will be personalized vows, which will help us to determine the best audio setup needed during the ceremony. Our team will also need to know the total of number of guests that you plan to have attend, as well as your bridal party size and how everyone will be getting around (eg. private limo or carpool).

To better help with planning for the day, we will also need to discuss the different locations or stops that will be planned during the day, including the first look (if applicable) as well as where the bridal/photo session will take place and the duration of time scheduled there. Any unique or special events happening during the day, such as a gift exchange or letter reading in the morning, a choreographed first dance, or flash mob for example will need to be discussed in detail as well. The total number of hours of coverage needed for your wedding day will also play an important role in helping us to plan.

We will also discuss more on who will be or who you plan to have on your vendor team. We can also provide recommendations if needed as we prefer working together as a team with people we know which also makes the day run more smoothly for everyone. Following that, we’ll discuss which of our film options you are most interested in for your wedding film.

Booking Your Toronto Wedding Videographer

Once all the details have been discussed, our team will put together a quote and contract for you to review with your partner. Our payment terms require a 50% non-refundable deposit to be placed in order to secure your date with us. The next payment of 25% will be due within 1 week of your wedding date, and the final 25% will be due when we deliver your final films.

When we receive your non-refundable deposit, our team will confirm with you and update your invoice accordingly with the new remaining balance so that you’re always up to date and won’t be caught by surprise. That’s it! You’re all set and ready to go with Toronto Wedding Stories!

After confirming your booking, you will send us your rough itinerary once available since we like to be able to review it and working through it together to ensure that the day runs smoothly and efficiently.  We will also work to start planning song suggestions for your chosen films.  Our team will also provide you with a checklist 2 months prior to your wedding day with updated information that we will need.

Before Your Big Day

Our team will also provide you with a checklist 2 months prior to your wedding day with updated information that we will need for our wedding videographers.  Within 7 days of your wedding date, your next payment of 25% will be due.

The day before your wedding, we will need any critical information sent to us such as the hotel room numbers of where everyone will be getting ready (if applicable), as well as any updated information that we will need to know (eg. location change for bridal session, time changes etc.)

The Wedding Day

Our wedding videographers will greet you in the morning of the big day while you are both getting ready and begin filming.  Our wedding videography style is non-intrusive, which means you won’t really see or notice us during the day as we try to be a stealth as possible while capturing all the important moments.  The day before your wedding, we will need any critical information sent to us such as the hotel room numbers of where everyone will be getting ready (if applicable), as well as any updated information that we will need to know (eg. location change for bridal session, time changes etc.)

During the day, we avoid directing you where possible.  Other studios sometimes direct everything which gives you and the film a very robotic and unnatural appearance.  We want you both to be yourselves on your wedding day!

Once we arrive at the photoshoot session portion of the day, our team of wedding videographers will give some guidance on posing since most couples may not be as familiar or comfortable depending on their style.  We also do our best to ensure that we are on time throughout the whole day by keeping track of scheduling and making sure that we don’t fall too far behind.  Essentially we act as your day of coordinators if you don’t have one.

We want you to feel comfortable and have a great time with us during our time together.  This way, your wedding film comes out natural and fun!

What Happens After The Wedding Day

Once your wedding day has passed, our team goes to work through your footage and begin edited a wedding trailer first for you.  After the trailer is complete and submitted, we begin the process of editing together your footage to produce your chosen wedding films.

Upon completion of the films, we will provide you a digital download link and viewing gallery of your videos once the final 25% payment is submitted.  From there you are free to view and share your films through the gallery link that we provide.

We know that once you receive your final videos, you will be in love and understand the importance of having a well-made wedding film and that contacting the best Toronto wedding videography team was the right choice.

Have Toronto's Best Wedding Videography Team Tell Your Story.

Find out why couples trust Toronto Wedding Stories to capture and tell their wedding story and what sets us apart!

Wedding Videography Films

As Toronto wedding videographers, we offer two types of films for our couples, which are the Highlights film and Documentary edit here at Toronto Wedding Stories.  Consider the highlights as more like a movie cut apart that will be pieced together with the goal of focusing on your wedding day story where as documentary edits are more ideal for couples that enjoy telling their story in its entirety and reliving every moment of their wedding. This adds to the fun of watching it and reliving it because there are bound to be surprises and things spoken and even missed!

Highlights Film

K + A Highlights Film

A highlights film is a non-chronological story created by stitching footage, dialogue and music into a shorter creative wedding video length.  The film includes 1 song of choice and runs 4 – 6 minutes)

Documentary Edit

K + B Documentary Edit

A documentary edit is our most extensive film, which is edited chronologically with fewer creative layers. This is ideal for couples who don’t want to forget any details and relive their wedding day from beginning to end. Our documentary films run up to 60 minutes.

Wedding Videography Style

Your entire wedding day, all its moments and who you are as a couple should be reflected in your wedding films style.  It is our job as Toronto wedding videographers to be able to adapt and incorporate different styles to create a film that best represents you.  Fortunately, there are various styles to pick from, and most Toronto wedding videographers will provide you with several options, so you won’t be limited. You’ll discover the ideal style to match your needs, whether it’s in a full-length feature or a highlight reel.


As Toronto wedding videographers and artists, we ensure that our creative juices are always flowing so that not only do we capture your day in a creative manner, but we take your wedding video to the next level by treating it as if it were our own.


Our team of Toronto wedding videographers work to capture your wedding day as naturally as possible as it happens. We generally do not like to direct you during the day, as we don’t treat your wedding like a movie set. We want it so that when you relive your film, it is as real and authentic as possible so that you can accurately experience your wedding day all over again.


Our team of wedding videographers know that your wedding is special, so our goal is to create a magical film that reflects that. We utilize only the very best video equipment to ensure that you get the best quality possible for your film. Our expertise in cinematography allows us to find all the right angles and take advantage of the best lighting to get the perfect shot to take your film one step further. We also add things like slow motion shots, colour correction, light flares and drone shots to give your wedding film that WOW factor.


As wedding videographers, we also act as storytellers. We love to tell the story of your big day as it unfolds. We want you to be engaged and excited when you watch the masterpiece of a film that we have created for you. Our Toronto Wedding Videographers and video editors pride themselves in capturing all the best moments of your day and putting all that into a story for you to keep forever, let our team of wedding videographers write your story!

What is 4K Videography

Remember the days when HD was the biggest thing for watching TV or films?  Well those days are now up.  Whenever you hear about 4K Toronto wedding videography, we’re talking about the video resolution and quality of your film. 4K resolution essentially means that there is 4 times the resolution of standard high-definition video of 1920x1080p (this number refers to the total number of pixels displayed) or 2,073,600 pixels on the screen. This means that 4K has a resolution of 8,294,400 pixels on the screen.

4K resolution is important because this means that your wedding video will have more detail and display more clearly. You always want to capture video in the highest resolution possible for future keepsake. However, the main issue with only shooting 4K resolution is that not everyone may have a TV or computer monitor that is capable of supporting 4K video. Eventually though, everyone will upgrade to a 4K viewing decide as 1080p and older screens will be phased out completely from the industry.

How Long is a Wedding Video

It all comes down to personal opinion when it comes to the duration of a wedding film. Some people only want a brief overview of their day to look back on, while others want every detail recorded and replayed over and over. In either case, our highlights or a documentary cut of your day are always recommended. The highlights are ideal for sharing with friends, family, and on social media. It feels like it covers the entire day because all of the best moments are included, including the vows and reception highlight speeches, as well as the first dance!

Our documentary edit is ideal for individuals who wish to relive their special day and want something longer. It’s a wedding film that captures every aspect, from the groom’s father’s reaction when he first sees his daughter in her white dress to the romantic moment when the pair first see each other during the first look and the emotions that follow it. Our documentary cuts are fantastic to watch with friends and family on ten-year anniversaries. It’s also a terrific present for parents or anybody else who couldn’t attend your wedding in person.

No matter which you choose, you won’t go wrong with choosing any one of the two types of videos we offer here at Toronto Wedding Stories.   You’ll just be happy knowing that you made the right decision to hire a Toronto Wedding Videographer for your wedding day to capture all the important moments.

How Many Videographers Do I Need

The number of Toronto wedding videographers filming your wedding day from our team is usually determined by a number of factors.  Based on certain details, we can better recommend how many videographers you will need.   

Things To Consider

To best determine the number of videographers needed for your wedding, you will need to consider some key items such as the number of guests at your wedding, the number of on-site vendors, the venue (size), the number of locations, and where will you be getting ready.

If you’re planning a smaller Toronto wedding, having only one of our wedding videographers will likely be enough to film all of the special moments and emotions from your guests. Whereas if you plan to have a larger Toronto wedding, you will more than likely need at least two Toronto wedding videographers to record all of the details and emotions of the day.

One simple rule of thumb is that if your Toronto wedding photography team has two shooters, you’ll almost certainly need two Toronto wedding videographers as well.

The number of Toronto wedding videographers required is also determined by the size of the location. For example, if you’re having a small backyard wedding, in most cases one wedding videographer will be enough to capture all of the important moments because our videographer will have more time to get different perspectives because the area is small, giving you a wider range of shots and a more cinematic viewing experience. If your Toronto wedding is being hosted at a large wedding location, having only one Toronto wedding videographer will most likely not be enough for us to capture all of the different viewpoints because our shooter will be spending more time moving around.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, we always recommend hiring two Toronto wedding videographers to capture your special day. With double the cameras, our team at Toronto Wedding Stories will be able to film your wedding day in the most creative and cinematic way possible, allowing us to tell your story without any limitations.

How Much Does a Toronto Wedding Videographer Cost

The cost of hiring a professional wedding videographer in Toronto varies depending on their expertise, industry knowledge, creativity, professionalism, products offered, and, of course, the type of professional equipment they use.

We understand that every couple has a wedding budget, however based on our previous clients’ feedback, we always attempt to educate all of our couples that having high quality wedding videography should be their top priority.

Our wedding packages at Toronto Wedding Stories start at $2500 + HST and include one videographer for up to 10 hours of continuous coverage, a 4-6 minute highlights movie, raw footage, everything filmed in 4K HD and a download link for all your files. You can also consider our Package D, which costs $3,500 + HST and includes two videographers with up to 10 hours of continuous coverage, a documentary edit film up to 60 minutes in length, raw footage in 4K resolution, and a download link to download all your files, is our most popular package at Toronto Wedding Stories.

If you require our Toronto wedding videographers for more than the provided 10 hours, we charge $150 + HST for each additional hour.

Checklist of Important Shots

At Toronto Wedding Stories, we boast a complete arsenal of unique and creative cinematic shots that we have developed over the years and work to incorporate them into every wedding while continually growing and exploring new creative ways to provide our customers an amazing viewing experience of their big wedding day.

We always ask our couples if there are any noteworthy shots they would want to include in their Toronto wedding video only after they have finished previewing some of our past films for inspiration.  Of course, every bride has a vision for “the shot” for her wedding, whether it’s of her coming down the aisle in a dramatic slow motion effect and then transitioning to an over-the-balcony image displaying her bridal gown train as she approaches her fiancé, or a shot of the the couple after they’ve been officially announced as husband and wife, strolling down the aisle and embracing their new life together.

Looking for some creative shots for your wedding film? Here are some unique shots for you to consider incorporating in your Toronto wedding film:

– Reading special letters written to each other for your wedding day
– Getting into your wedding dress with your bridesmaids assisting you
– Capturing the reactions and emotions of your parents as they see you in your dress for the first time
– Capturing his reaction and audio of his comments as he turns to see you for the first time in your wedding dress
– Capturing your soon-to-be husbands reaction as you enter the room and walk down the aisle to him
– The moment where you are pronounced husband and wife for the first time and kiss to seal your vows, and as you walk down the aisle to the cheers and blessings of your closest family and friends
– The bridal party walk. During the bridal session, we like to incorporate a bridal party walk, which is essentially all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen walking alongside you while our Toronto wedding videographer films. This accentuates just how merry and full of joy you wedding day was.
– Seeing your bridal party’s unique or quirky reception entrance as they dance their way into the main hall.
– Guests reactions as everyone gathers to witness your first dance together as husband and wife
– Your reactions as you listen in to speeches from your Best Man, Maid of Honour, your parents and of course, your own speeches to your friends and family at the end of the night.

What Should You Look For in a Wedding Videographer

Keep in mind that that when you enlist a wedding vendor team, they will be there for the entire duration of your big day. You’ll want to be confident that you’re recruiting the best people possible for the job. This of course means that you’re hiring seasoned professionals who have experience and are the best at what they do, as opposed to a friend who may only do it as a hobby. The last thing you want is for your friend to fail to deliver on their promises, costing you additional time, money, and most important, the friendship. This is one of those times where it’s best to just let the professionals handle everything so that you can focus on the important things.

We typically ask who your vendors will be when you book with us, and in the event that you don’t have any yet or are missing some key vendors, we are always happy to refer you to any of our preferred Toronto wedding vendors. The concept is that if everyone is already comfortable working with each other and does their part, your wedding day will run so smooth and problem free to the point where all we have to do is focus primarily on you and telling your story.

At Toronto Wedding Stories, our seasoned team of Toronto wedding videographers all have the knowledge, expertise and training to look for and capture the best possible shots of your wedding day that will really bring your wedding story to life.
Our team of Toronto Wedding Videographers also goes above and above to ensure that the day runs smoothly and on time, essentially doubling as your personal day-of planners. When things start to look busy or people are having a little too much fun and lose sight of time, our team steps in to make sure that they keep things in check since staying on schedule on your wedding day is crucial.

Our videography team are what you might call “wedding ninjas”. They have been specially trained to avoid being in the spotlight as much as possible and ensuring that they remain non-intrusive throughout the day as to not draw attention to themselves so that the focus always remains on you. The only times you may really notice us is during the morning, and bridal shoot session where they may direct you.

What really sets us apart is that our team treats every wedding as if it were their own. During your wedding day, we essentially become a part of your family and view every key moment as such. We take part in all the happy and emotional moments throughout the day by capturing it on film. Because our videography team in Toronto are professionals, they also are sure to dress the part. We will arrive at your Toronto wedding dressed professionally and ready to film. The goal is to blend in with the rest of your guests rather than stand out.

One of the most critical parts of ensuring that your Toronto wedding runs successfully is efficiency. Our team of Toronto videographers have practiced to guarantee that every part of your wedding day runs well. One way that we accomplish this is ensuring that we are present from the beginning of your wedding planning.

Our team will request a copy of your wedding itinerary, which we’ll examine based on our previous experience to ensure that the timetable and travel arrangements are correct. The pre-planning process is crucial and can have a significant impact on your Toronto wedding day, but our team at Toronto Wedding Stories is here to assist you!

Have Toronto's Best Wedding Videography Team Tell Your Story.

Find out why couples trust Toronto Wedding Stories to capture and tell their wedding story and what sets us apart!