Our Services

How It's Like To Work With Us

1. Initial Consultation

Before your wedding, we connect with you to better understand what you're looking for so that we can truly showcase who you are.

2. Wedding Day Action

We're there with state-of-the-art equipment to capture your big day. We capture all the details because they can have the biggest impact.

3. Enjoy The Show

Sit back and relax! Once we're done editing, grab some popcorn (and possibly tissues) so you can relive your wedding day all over again.

What’s Included In Our Starter Package?

One videographer, 10-hour filming session, a Highlights Video, plus:

Raw Footage

You get all of the raw footage in 4K just as a "nice to have" for when you REALLY want to see everything that happened.

Digital Downloads

Want quick access to your video? We provide you an easy way to download your film from anywhere.

Private Webpage

We provide a private page of your final videos where you can view and share with family and friends.

Film Options

Highlights Video

A non-chronological story created by stitching footage, dialogue and music into a shorter creative wedding video.

Length: 1 song of choice / 4-6 minutes

Wedding Trailer

A teaser wedding clip with just the right balance of love, fun, and teary moments. Perfect for sharing with friends on social media.

Length: 1 minute

Documentary Edit

Our most extensive film, done chronologically with less creative layers. This is ideal for couples who don't want to forget any details.

Length: Up to 60 minutes

Wedding Day Options

Extra Videographers

Upgrade to 2 videographers for maximum wedding day videography coverage.

Extra Filming Hours

Can't get enough of us? We get it. We are happy to accommodate if you need us for more than 10 hours in one day.

Live Stream

Having your ceremony live streamed allows family and friends from any where in the world attend.

Guest Photobooth

Fun props, large backdrop selection, unlimited prints, online gallery. Say cheese!

Want to learn more about our wedding videography services?

We're happy to chat about your Toronto wedding videography needs.