How To Choose A Toronto Wedding Videographer

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Your wedding day is arguably one of the best days of your life, and you and your partner will cherish those memories made always. However, no matter how sharp your memory is, you’re unlikely to remember every single detail by heart, which is why so many couples nowadays turn to having a Toronto wedding videographer to capture their big day.

From the unforgettable moment you walk down the aisle in your dress, to the reception where everyone is partying it up like it’s 1999 again , having everything captured on film allows you to relive your wedding day for years to come.

If you’ve decided to go with a wedding videographer in Toronto but are having trouble figuring out the best choice for you, there are some key factors to consider when deciding on how to choose between different Toronto wedding videography teams. Once you’ve decided on a wedding videographer, be sure to review our list of important questions to ask your candidate.

What Is Involved In Toronto Wedding Videography?

Gone are the days of drab, out-of-focus, and shaky videos.  Toronto wedding videographers today are using new innovative techniques and story-telling methods to bring your wedding film to the next level.

While a professional photographer captures important moments in a single frame, video captures the sounds, the ambiance, and the passion of a wedding differently than photography can. Having a well-produced wedding film will allow you to enjoy your big day over and over.

Typically, one main videographer will be present at your wedding to film all of the details. However, depending on the studio you choose, extra videographers may be required if you have a larger guest list.  The more guests you have and the larger the venue, the more you’ll likely want to have an extra of eyes to capture everything.

Is a Wedding Videographer in Toronto Expensive?

There are a wide variety of wedding videographers to choose from, each with theIr own costs, degree of quality, and unique style.

As with all of the vendors you hire for your special day, you’ll more than likely get what you paid for, so it’s always best to spend some extra time and do your research before committing to a particular vendor.  You should expect to pay a bit more for a higher quality wedding film as you are not just paying for their experience, but you may also require more than one videographer to capture everything throughout the day.

If you are looking to save some money on your wedding budget or if you’re worried about going over your planning costs, you can consider asking a semi-experienced friend or family member to help with filming your wedding day as an alternative.

Other Things To Consider

Look for reliable, professional companies or individuals that specialize in wedding films and are willing to show you their past work upfront.

The wedding industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, as well as the use of client reviews. It’s very important to factor in options that come highly recommended by friends, relatives, and, in some cases, strangers online like wedding forums and social media, where you can review real-life testimonies from couples who have worked with certain Toronto wedding videographers. Checking reviews and suggestions will also help you to ensure that the wedding videographer you choose is the right fit for you.

Be sure to also ask your wedding videography vendor what options for length of films they offer.  Sometimes short and sweet will have a lasting effect for guests, but family and close friends may want to see a more documentary style film instead, especially for those who could not attend.

Which Toronto Wedding Videography Style Is Best Suited for Me?

For your wedding film, the style of your wedding and the overall atmosphere of the day should be clearly portrayed — a professional Toronto wedding videographer should have the experience to capture these details and more. Alternatively, a more traditional style of wedding videography is better suited for you if you desire your video to be less on the edited side and more in a documentary style.

The best Toronto wedding videographer is one who sees you as people and a soon-to-be married couple who simply want a memorable film retelling their big day. You want your videographer to genuinely care about you, your guests, and your wedding, which should come through in your film.

Reviewing your potential videographers portfolio will help you greatly to narrow down your choices and ensure that their style matches what you envision for your wedding day. You don’t want to have a Toronto wedding videographer with their own unique style and then try to force them to film in a completely different way. You want your videographer to feel at home and comfortable with their creative style so that you can get the best film possible.

When Should I Expect My Wedding Film?

Couples can usually choose from a variety of packages offered by their videographer. The service provided, as well as the delivery time and format, are all determined by these packages. Depending on the couple’s preferences, Toronto wedding videography services can range from a one-minute trailer video to a full documentary recap lasting up to an hour.

In terms of delivery time, because every wedding studio is different, the time it takes to complete your wedding film could range anywhere from 3 months or even longer, depending on how much editing is required and the type of films you want. When it comes to hiring a Toronto wedding videographer, another important factor to consider is the time frame to deliver.

A proper video for weddings, on the other hand, takes time, so a long wait isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you and your spouse are happy with the end result.

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